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Monday, November 24, 2014

Brian Clement and the Hippocrates Death Institute

I am trying to rein in my tendency of being abrasive and full of unnecessary ad-hominems. I really am. On occasions such as this, however, the venom I shall spit is entirely justified and, in a few short paragraphs, I hope you will agree with me. If not, there are other web-logs to read.

I am going to talk about Brian Clement. "Who is Brian Clement?", you may ask. He is the co-director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida where the two First Nations girls mentioned in my previous post were taken for "treatment". He is a shithead, and I do not use that word lightly. Any person who convinces a mother to take her 11 year old out of the hospital where she is being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (with a predicted 90-95% recovery rate) and "treat" her with nonsense so she will, in all likelihood, die from her disease, is a tremendous shithead.

Please take a read of this excerpt from an interview with noted quack bullshit peddler, Joe Mercola:
Joe Mercola: "The FDA doesn’t view food as a medicine, but I’m wondering if you could comment on your experiences. Because I believe it can be, just as exercise is a medicine. But food is probably 400 percent more potent than exercise. Not that it’s either one or the other; you need both, of course. But if you’re only going to use one, I think it’s food. Can you give us your comments on that concept?"

Brian Clement: "Well, I have written, as you know, a series of books for the academic community called Food Is Medicine: The Scientific Evidence, reflecting what we’ve learned here for six decades. I did this specifically for the academics because they tend to be the most arrogant. They tend to be the most close-minded, the ones that literally think they know. When you think you know, you don’t learn. The bottom line is when I would be out at a medical conference speaking and giving case studies of people who reversed catastrophic disease that is commonly understood in mainstream medicine to be zero success, they would challenge me. They’ll say, “Give me the data.” I felt confused at that point because I said to them, “We don’t have the billions to do the research. We don’t have a research team. We don’t have statisticians.” But finally, a few years ago, I said, “Wait a minute, let me see if there’s enough evidence that I could scratch off out of mainstream universities to support what we’ve been doing here.” I was stunned. I could literally retire from the directorship and I stopped at 1,200 pages, three volumes. I could go on forever."
Firstly, Mercola "thinks" food is more important than exercise? Really? If you're going to use one out of either food or exercise, you "think" food is the better choice?" For fuck's sake, Mercola, you're really going out on a limb there.

Secondly, I love how this guy who, by all accounts, has his "accreditations" from diploma mills and has no actual schooling on the relevant material and is the one claiming that cancer is "not difficult to treat", calls academics "arrogant". Hysterical, and that leads into one of the best irony-machine-exploding phrases I've heard in a while: "When you think you know, you don’t learn." Yeah, exactly. How's that mirror look to you?

But, lo and behold, he then looks around and there's a ton of evidence that the bullshit he's peddling actually works! It works, I tell you! I mean, he says that he could, "...write books until the day I die on those so many volumes of evidential science and empirical evidence coming out of research." Ok, so no one's asking for that. A guy has to relax a bit from time to time. Just write one. One good one that's convincing; pick the most bulletproof, solid, undeniable cases and evidence-based studies and write one goddamn book. Fuck, just write a paper that's halfway decent and I'll shut my mouth. Funnily, a PubMed search for, "Clement, Brian", or "Brian Clement", or "Clement, B" all bring up exactly zero results. Maybe he's being shut out of the big journals for looking like a low-rent Max Maven.

If you'd like to have a bit of a guffaw, read this excerpt from the same interview:
I’ll never forget Ann Wigmore. She was the only person I ever knew, Dr. Mercola, who had no intellect. This woman was purely heart and instinct. That’s why she was correct almost always. I was frustrating her because I was young and insecure and was in a way challenging her, “How does this reverse disease?” She got frustrated one day and took a little black sunflower seed, organic sunflower seed, and said, “Don’t you realize if we put this to the ground, in seven weeks, it will be 12 to 15 feet-tall with thousands of seeds on it? That sunflower plant is going to be facing the east in the morning and facing the west at night. Now, don’t you think the power of the sunflower is that you’re taking hundreds of thousands of these by eating them, as you are now, and that juicing them is going to be good for you?” It’s the light force in the food even more important than the nutrients and the proteins.
Howzabout you take three naturalistic fallacies and call me in the morning. Can you believe that shit?! He actually describes Wigmore as having "no intellect" and that that was a good thing. And holy crap, sunflowers grow and follow the source of part of their nutrition through the day! Amazeballs! Eating it must be fab for you, right? Like carrots! Well, except for one specific member of the carrot family, the Western Water Hemlock, which is so poisonous that it will kill you very quickly and even has enough poison in one bulb to kill a 1600lb cow.

Brian Clement, recipient of diploma mill "degrees", peddler of all things woo, and enabler in the slow death of Canadian First Nations children. Oh, wait, not just them - there was at least one more:
23-year-old Stephanie O'Halloran was diagnosed last August with a rare but aggressive form of breast cancer and was given just months to live...Limerick people gave generously to fundraising efforts for alternative treatment in the United States after doctors told the young mother-of-one that traditional chemotherapy could not cure her.
I wonder where this "alternative treatment in the United States" was located? Hmmmm? I remember, Orac wrote about her back when she was alive but conned into going to Clement's Hippocrates Death Centre.

It's not often that I wish actual harm on someone, but in the case of the scumbag Brian Clement, I'll make an exception.

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At 18/10/15 2:28 pm, Blogger Luke Setzer said...

I saw a flyer for his October 18 talk at Cocoa Beach Library and drove there. I never even lasted to the talk. The literature table at the event had so much quackery that I stormed from the room and retrieved my $10 donation from the jar as I exited minutes before he opened his mouth. I wish I had read this article before I drove there. My day would have flowed more smoothly.


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