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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Flu Babe

Way back in 2013, Vani Hari (aka the Food "Babe") decided to put her five cents worth of "research" into a post on whether or not you, dear reader, should get a flu shot. The results are exactly what you think they'd be if a seven year old asked their insane, conspiracy-theory-laden, drug-addled father about "chemicals".

Her post, cryptically titled, "Should I Get The Flu Shot?" is a disastrous mess of out-dated "arguments" against a well-established public-health measure. She begins with the completely fucked-out tactic of referring to those who get immunized as "lemmings":
This is why it is extremely important to understand the Flu Shot – I want you to think about what you are directly injecting into your bloodstream. Before you consider jumping off the ledge with other lemmings and taking this years Flu Shot
Hm, I wonder what her position is on this issue? If we told her the ingredients were organic and slathered in kale, I'm sure she'd line up around the damn block to get three.

Also, regarding the whole, "directly into your bloodstream" thing. If she took the same vast amounts of time to research her article that I did to write mine (approximately nine seconds), she may have come across page 9 of the CDC guidelines for vaccine administration where it says:
There are only two routinely recommended IM sites for administration of vaccines, the vastus lateralis muscle (anterolateral thigh) and the deltoid muscle (upper arm). Injection at these sites reduces the chance of involving neural or vascular structures. The site depends on the age of the individual and the degree of muscle development.
You'll note the attention to reducing the involvement of vascular structures, contrary to what Ms. Hari repeats in her article, "...the mainstream medical community, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies suggest that I directly inject these ingredients into my bloodstream? And I need do it every year until I die? Are you freaking kidding me?" No, we're not kidding. Oddly, you also need to ingest iron. I KNOW!! That same stuff that's in the railings on your goddamn stairs and in your CAR!

She of course drags out the old, "the flu shot doesn't protect us anyway" argument. I find it amusing when flippant shit-heads start wailing about how people who have to do actual complex science and math to predict what strain(s) of influenza will be here at flu season get it wrong. Not completely wrong, but wrong enough to reduce efficacy a tad. A degree of protection still exists and that will be enough to protect some vulnerable populations (the very young, very old, and immuno-compromised) from maximum morbidity & mortality. But, hey, why protect those people? Food "Babe" seems to think they're worth just letting go. And people say atheists are lacking in emotion....

Check this shit out:
Q: Why do I have to get a Flu Shot every year? Aren’t vaccines suppose to immunize you for life? A: They have to continuously give you a flu shot, because it is not a real vaccine.
Not a "real vaccine". C'mon, even Ernie knows this is bullshit! What are you sellin' over there, lady?

More equine excrement:
"...(W)hy do I need to get another shot if I got one last year? This is the way the pharmaceutical companies continue to make money off of you – The CDC says it “wears off.” And this brings me back to my previous point – if the flu vaccine were truly a vaccine – it wouldn’t wear off. Think about it – Once you get chicken pox as a child, your body develops antibodies to strengthen your immune system from ever getting chicken pox again.
Ok, for the thousandth time - pharmaceutical companies don't really make a lot of money from vaccines. They make their money off of the drugs you take two, three, four times a day like heart meds, liver meds, blood pressure meds, and, of course, boner pills. Medication you take once a year doesn't really add that much to your bottom line...but, I guess math isn't her strong point. Numbers are made of chemicals, don'tcha know.
Why does every drug store have a sign up promoting the shot? Why are shots available at work? And at school? Why is their so much propaganda each year around this time? There is only one answer – Money.
It has to be money, eh? Couldn't be that the medical community and health professionals are trying to quell the 250,000-500,000 deaths worldwide every year because of influenza and its associated problems. Why fix that?

She questions why pregnant women, children, and the elderly are supposed to get the vaccine and then drops a steaming pile of shit as reasons. Instead of me just swearing more and perhaps feeling my rising pulse behind my eyeballs, I'll point you at Mark Crislip's Science Based Medicine post where he brings a large can opener, cracks several cylindrical containers of Industrial Strength WhoopAss, and pours them all over this post. It's really a thing of beauty.
Australia banned the flu shot for all children under 5 last year when 250 children were hospitalized and one died after receiving the vaccine. Finland and Sweden also banned the shots and opened up an investigation last year. Don’t you wonder why this didn’t make major news here in the United States?
Right, that did happen and it sucked. But what was the end result? Scientists (not fake-expert, fearmongering, hype-machines) figured out what to do and put precautionary measures in place to protect the vulnerable populations. You didn't hear about it in the U.S. because you probably don't pay attention to Australian news regularly - I certainly don't.

Finally, the gem of the whole article. Please, bask in the logic pool that the Food "Babe" lays before you:
Q: Can I immunize myself naturally from the Flu? A: Yes! You can build lifetime antibodies against the infection. Just Skip the vaccine, boost your vitamin D intake, and encounter the flu naturally. If you encounter the flu – rest, take care of yourself, understand that your body needs a break and focus on getting better...
So, you can immunize yourself from influenza by being infected with influenza. That's like saying you can protect yourself from a vampire invasion by going to the nearest vampire bar, walking in, and yelling insults at the fanged crowd.

What scientists would say is, hey, let's capture a vampire and beat the shit out of him, then let him stagger into the town square at high noon. Everyone in the town would see him, realize that there are vampires afoot, and set to making wooden stakes post haste. The whole town would be equipped to face off with an army of night-dwellers. See the difference? Careful thought leading to practical preparation versus brainless wandering in the dark coupled with over-confidence with your abilities leading to a lot of death and misery.

I also absolutely love that she signs off with this:
I am not “anti-vaccination”, I choose not to take the flu shot for the ingredients they contain as stated above.
In other words: "I'm not anti-library, I just choose to not read all those fancy-big-wordin' books because chemicals. Dirty filthy CHEMICALS!!"

In conclusion.

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