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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Couple Few Quick Things

Well, really only one quick thing. It's odd that I missed this blog's 10 year anniversary on the fifth of December. Busy with life and whatnot, kids, jobs, family, friends, being annoyed at the things I used to get annoyed at and write about. I don't think to write much anymore.

Actually, that's not true. I think about writing all the time, I just don't do it. I keep seeing those James Patterson writing "master class" memes and think, "Yeah, I should totally write. I'm decent at it, semi-humorous, and maybe if I stick at it I could monetize." Then I get distracted or lazy (if I'm honest, it' usually the latter) and it doesn't get done. I'm the same way with podcasting; I keep thinking I should record some more episodes and get them up there and make it a priority. Then the three jobs call and my wife and kids need love and hugs and, dammit, I'm still learning guitar and other necessary skills (nunchuck skills).

Whine whine whine. Excuse excuse excuse.

I enjoy having this place - yes, I think of it as an actual place, like Heaven or Mordor - to drop in on and put thoughts to "paper". The content may change, however, as I'm moving away from skeptic thoughts. Those will always be there, of course, but they'll be in the background. I'll leave the preaching, such as it is, to the professionals. So, if you notice a bit of a tone change or content upgrade (shit, I hope it's viewed as an "up"grade), give it a whirl. If it's not your bag, that's kool and the gang. If it is, that's also kool.

Enjoy the rest of 2015 - it's been a bit of a shitshow for this fella - but we can make 2016 way the hell better. Thanks for still being here after a decade of (mostly pointless) ranting.

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