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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Don Knotts

Sadly, Don Knotts died on Friday night of lung cancer at 81. You can read a brief bio/obit here.

Knotts made me laugh many a time, mostly as Mr. Furley on Three's Company. Not too many of my friends have gone through their lives without doing the "cheeks sucked in, elbows tucked, karate chop hands" pose of a fight-ready Ralph Furley. I'm not old enough to have seen his Emmy-winning work on the Andy Griffith Show, but I do remember him and Tim Conway in The Apple Dumpling Gang and seeing him in clips doing the "nervous sweating man" on The Steve Allen Show (copied obviously by Martin Short on SCTV).

It's a sad week, friends, but let's have a laugh for Mr. Knotts. It's what he would have appreciated. Check out the Don Knotts Shrine for more info on a man who had a great life in comedy.

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