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Saturday, February 11, 2006

G.B. Trudeau and the Cartoons

The creator of Doonsbury, Mr. Trudeau has gotten involved in the on-going debate and has said that the muslim cartoons are "unnecessarily inflammatory". He was asked the following question:

Will you be including any images of the Prophet Muhammad in upcoming cartoons?
...and he answered:

No. Nor will I be using any imagery that mocks Jesus Christ.

Ok G.B., but if you're so sensitive, why did you do this comic that obviously offends fundamentalist christians who believe in Intelligent Design? Are some religions fair game and others not? Is the fun-poking relative to the amount of violence you expect as a reaction? And please don't demean yourself by saying that you didn't use an image of Jesus - it's beneath you. An insult is an insult. I say your mom is a stupid bitch, or I draw a caricature of her as a female dog running into a wall, it's the same thing.

Either religion is a legitimate target for ridicule (because it makes no sense and encourages violence as a first response), or it isn't. Don't take both sides of the arguement.

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