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Saturday, February 25, 2006

"This is your weekend with Rape-Daddy."

I saw this article as a link over at God is for Suckers today and just have to comment.

I am presently reading the book Freakonomics and there is a section where the "rogue economist" notices that, contrary to the popular wisdom at the time, the crime rate went down significantly when it was predicted widely that it would rise. Why was that?

After looking in some rather odd places for statistics, it was found that Roe v. Wade was brought to pass some 16 or so years earlier. See, people who have abortions are generally poor, inner-city folks who often have troubles at home (indeed, if they have a home at all). These types of households are the places where criminals generally tend to spawn from, so by making abortion legal and safe, these future criminals werent' being born in the first place in many cases. The women who knew they couldn't take care of the kids would terminate the pregnancy and that ended a life of abuse and neglect and eventual crime before it started.

Subsequently, when these "criminals" would have been in their formative badass years, they were conspicuously not committing crimes. Thus the crime rate dropped and the politicians gave credit to better policing techniques (which was not the case as revealed by an analysis of that variable).

It might be a good line of arguement against these weirdos who want rape victims to be forced to have the horrifying reminder of a violent attack or incestuous father-asshole kicking around for the rest of their lives (or even deal with the rapist as a potential joint parent...fuck me...).

There better be a serious pro-choice movement ready to speak out loudly in the United States, and soon. Expose the faulty logic that the religious are using to support their "pro-life" (which is a stupid name - like Bill Hicks said, " what does that make me? Pro death?" Everyone is pro-life and pro-choice - it's pro- or anti-abortion that is the problem. Say what you mean and stop twisting language) agenda.

Good luck, we'll be helping up here.

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At 26/2/06 2:22 am, Blogger Stardust1954 said...

"There better be a serious pro-choice movement ready to speak out loudly in the United States, and soon."

South Dakota is now going to be the first to test the Supreme Court on this issue to see if anti-abortionists have a chance to overturn Roe vs Wade with Alito on the bench. I think pro-choicers have been taking things for granted for too long, and the Democrats are frustrating with their "wishy-washiness" on this issue. (I am a registered Independent forced to vote democratic in order to TRY to keep the worse of two evils out of office...which didn't work anyway.)
I can't believe that we even have to deal with this issue in the year 2006! I feel as if we are slipping backwards instead of progressing forwards. I get so angry when I hear Bush say "we're making progress."

At 26/2/06 11:40 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

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At 26/2/06 11:42 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Yeah, there's "progress" on abortion, "progress" in Iraq, and "progress" with finding out what went exactly wrong with the Katrina debacle. Fuck, if that's progress, I'd hate to see failure.

You're right in that the dems there are wishy-washy. There needs to be a strong leader step forward and state clearly what he or she believes so at least, even if people disagree with him/her, they'll know where the person is philosophically. try to keep the worse of two evils out of office...

Sad but true, eh? Now we have a conservative asshat for a Prime Minister up here - just magical...

At 17/6/11 8:30 am, Blogger Shadeburst said...

I'm PINC myself (Politically Incorrect) but Jebus I don't know how you got away with this one.


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