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Friday, March 24, 2006

A Little Hate for Friday Morning

Peter Popoff. I was watching TV this morning, waiting my turn in the shower, and fucking Peter Popoff was on "healing" people and hawking "miracle spring water" that makes crippled people run around and brings you money. Sort of ironic that he's making money off regular old "miracle" water, since he does nothing and is a complete fraud who was exposed on national television. On The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, nonetheless.

One thing you should never underestimate is people's gullibility. We want to believe so badly that there's someone out there with super powers who can just shake our heads and cure what ails us. Anyone remember Jonas Nightengale from Leap of Faith? Yeah, he was pretty much based on Popoff. Great movie - check it out if you haven't already.

The fact that this scumbag Jerkoff is still alive is a testament to the fact that there is no god anywhere. Seriously, how can Carl Sagan be dead and Jerkoff be still out there taking advantage of people? When lunatics snap and start shooting random subway commuters, why is Peter never in the fucking crowd? How come he's never picking up his kids when a depressed fat guy goes beserk and starts tossing home-made grenades around? I mean, fuck, where's a good car fire when you need one?

So now we have to deal with Jerkoff selling $90 "Divine Transfer Kits" consisting of 10 books he's most likely got overstocked and is trying to unload, four audio CDs of him spouting bullshit, a "divine transfer bracelet" that's most likely a fucking Q-Ray, and my favorite, a cross "from Israel filled with Holy Land soil and water". How much do you want to bet the dirt is from his parking lot?

So you have to spend $90 to get a "Divine Transfer" of money to you? If this isn't the lottery run amok, I don't know what is. Spend $5 on a lotto ticket for a chance at $5 million, or spend $90 so god will give you money. Personally, I'll take a shot at the 1 in 15 million odds the lotto gives me. That's way better than some con-man schmuck claiming a cingular wi-fi connection to the creator of the universe.

What a fucking putz.

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