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Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Little Love for Saturday

I would like to take a second and say "congratulations" to Dr. David Dolphin. He's the 2005 winner of the Gerhard Herzberg Award (which is Canada's equivalent to the Nobel Prize, named after the 1971 Nobel Laurate in Chemistry) who's work on porphyrins saves the eyesight of hundreds of thousands of people.

Porphyrins are donut-shaped colored molecules like heme or chlorophyll with a metal in the middle (like red and iron, or green and magnesium respectively for these). The cool thing is that when you shine light on them, they make oxygen toxic for two thousandths of a second in a localized area. Oh, and when you put these molecules in someone with a cancerous tumor, they love to go to the area where angiogenesis is happenin' to feed the bastard. This means that these porphyrin thingys destroy tumors.

Just so we're clear on what's going on here, this guy and the scientists who work with him are taking molecules apart and, with a great degree of accuracy, destroying malignant tumors and allowing people to see again after they suffer macular degeneration. You can read all about him and his work here.

And there are some people out there who still blather on about auras and "energy" pathways. Once you see what real science is all about, hearing rubbish like homeopathy, liver cleansing, crystal "therapy", and ear candling is just sad and embarrassing.

Congratulations once again to Dr. Dolphin.

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