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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Put 'Em In Your Mouth and Suck 'Em

Well apparently, I may owe Isaac Hayes an apology. Seems he may have had a stroke and due to his recouperation, may not have issued the "I'm leaving South Park because of their intolerant attitude towards religions" statement. It may actually have come from a source inside Scientology World Domintaion Headquarters.

All that drama did not stop Trey and Matt from sending Chef off in a most South Park way in the new season opener. The best touch was that they obviously liked working with Hayes and are only pissed at Scientology for fucking him up and controlling him.

The episode's "Super Adventure Club" was a fitting nod to Scientology, although the link to raping children might get some feathers ruffled. I'm excited to see such an open fight between a supposed religion and a couple of "nothing to lose" comics.

I was a bit weirded out to see stick up for Scientology a bit saying, "They are, after all, a club that helped many a conflicted little fruit kick their dangerous anti-psychotic medication habits, resolve their past-life issues, and maximize their life potential", referring to a line in the episode.

The "kick their...medication habits" bit refers, no doubt, to Narconon, the program that Tommy Cruise is so pumped about. Does it work? Sure, for some people. The problem is that the tools in Scientology who run the course exaggerate the success numbers to the point where you can't trust them. If you'd care to read about it, check here or here. By the way, if you Google "Narconon", three of the first six hits are anti-Narconon sites. That should tell you something.

Love South Park, hate Scientology, hope Isaac Hayes gets his head straight and comes back. Fingers are crossed, children.

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At 28/3/06 8:54 am, Blogger Abel PharmBoy said...

Ya know, I sat there watching the episode and reading about "the stroke" on the laptop and wondered aloud with my wife that might this be a clever and creative PR stunt to launch the new season? Trey and Matt have always been know for working the system and I'd love to see this all come off as a manipulation of the press to put a few more million in their (and Hayes') pockets.


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