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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rape-Daddy, Take 2

I thought I'd turn this comment into a full post here on my site. Big tip o' the hat to Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist.

Mississippi has made a law, much like South Dakota recently, to severely restrict abortion - even in cases of rape or incest.

"A bunch of little congregated cells inside a woman isn't a person. You're not a person until you're in my phone book. There, my hat is now in the political ring."
Bill Hicks

Whether you believe that or not, in the case of rape or incest it should be an obvious no-brainer that abortion should be allowed. I'd be interested in how many woman were on the panels that decided those rulings (none that I read of in the case of the Mississippi article cited above).

I'll bet a lot of cash that sixteen years from now in the states that have outlawed abortion, there will be a spike in violent crime. The reason is that outlawing abortion won't stop the rich kids from getting them - it'll stop the poor, single mothers who drink and/or use drugs. Just the type of households that, statistically speaking, supply the criminals. I tell ya, Freakonomics was a very good book.

We really need to get over this notion that we're special. We don't need to reproduce like we're lemmings or sea turtles. No one wants to say why these Southern folks and religious folks are so anti-abortion, but I have a theory.

See, religions usually tell their congregants to go forth and multiply. Why do you suppose that is? I think the obvious answer is so that there will be more of them. Oh no, not people; but people who believe what they do. If you're a fundamentalist Christian, well you'd like there to be a lot more of you kickin' around. Same if you're a fundie Muslim, a Hasidic Jew, or a Roman Catholic. Keep makin' those kids so we can indoctrinate a new generation.

Religious folks don't realize that by restricting the rights of people to have abortions, they are making it impossible for the poorest and least able in society to keep up and raise that family. They are enabling the increase in crime in the future that they will undoubtedly, in a decade and a half, blame on the people who are and were, for abortion.

Abortion is fine. We're not special. We're nearing seven billion people on this planet and we seriously need to start cullin' the herd.

There, my hat is now right next to Hicks'.

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At 2/3/06 2:28 am, Blogger JustinOther said...

Let's make this a hat trick (double entendre intended).

First, what makes you think they care about the poor and least abled among us?

Second, if they don't want abortions, then all children resulting from rape or incest should be immediately placed in the homes of those who voted for this incredibly narrow-minded law.

And third, Bill Hicks rocks!


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