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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

...and the Papa Tomato said, "Ketchup".

The Vatican is in the news of late for seemingly "looking at" the issue of condoms preventing HIV/AIDS. Apparently Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, head of the Vatican office for health care, is "studying" the topic in preparation for a report to be presented to Pope Benny.

Said J-Lo, "We are conducting a very profound scientific, technical and moral study" on how to deal with the whole "sex" issue when one member of a married couple has HIV/AIDS. I think I must not have a very big brain or something, because the solution seems pretty simple to me. Use condoms. If it's a choice between not having sex or killing your spouse and using a condom - as Mr. White said in Reservoir Dogs, "ain't no choice at all".

Some of the Cardinals (sadly, not Ozzie Smith) say that because within a married couple, an HIV-positive spouse could transmit the virus to the other, it was a "lesser evil" to condone the couple's use of condoms. Let me rephrase that, because the lunacy of the Catholic Church is very clear in that one sentence. If it is a decision to either use a piece of rubber on your penis or kill your wife/husband, it is LESS EVIL to use the rubber.

In the annals of stupidity and horrifyingly tragic backwardness, the Catholic Church is in the top spot. How amazingly insensitive to human nature can you be to insist that people not have sex with their wife or husband? Catholic priests...well, how about just recognizing that they're not supposed to have sex of any kind with anyone or anything, then make your own joke. Benny's friend is even up on charges, for crying out loud. Sex is a human urge, a need, and if using a condom will protect the person you are with from a certain death, what is the problem?

And yes, I understand that using a condom makes having children almost impossible, thus the problem the church has with them. Same reason gays are bad (that and the whole bible verse about "men layeth with men as he layeth with a woman" bad bad kill them and stone them and whip them and hang them and then pee on them and then masturbate over them and ...wait...skip that last part.

The Catholic Church seriously needs to get over this "have a million kids so there will be a million little Catholic cabbages running around and then we'll take over the planet" thing. It's not going to happen. People are realizing that you have no idea what is going on with most of the world and you are killing thousands of people in Africa alone with your asinine ideas about "birth control".

If only HIV/AIDS could be passed along by giving hand-jobs to altar boys, then you'd see regulation come in pretty damn fast (sadly, against altar boys).

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