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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Puts the "Dick" in "Dictator"

Hey, know who the guy in the photo here is, smiling with Condi Rice?

Well, if you don't, allow me to show you a brief overview. You might want to focus on the part where it says, "his regime (is) one of the most corrupt, ethnocentric, oppressive and anti-democratic states in the world." Or maybe the other part where it says in 2003, "state-operated radio declared that the president is a God who is 'in permanent contact with the Almighty' and can 'kill anyone without being called to account'".

Hm. Do you think they're just trying to "send a message" to Iran with this visit, or are they maybe just doing some wishful thinking about how they'd like their administration to be? You know, banish 90% of all opposing politicians, kill anyone who goes against you, let people think you're a cannibal. Regular shit.

Does the U.S. administration even care anymore who its seen with? Fuck....

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