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Friday, April 21, 2006

The W Network - You're Dead to Me

I just watched a show on the W Network that made my blood boil. Blood is an apt comparison here because it was a show about the tragic murder of a woman named Penny Serra on July 16, 1973. This particular program was about a "psychic" and her "help" in solving the crime. Ok, maybe I'm over-reaching - she herself said that, "psychics don't solve crimes, that they aren't police." The thing is, the whole show glazed over the actual police efforts as if they didn't even matter and focused on the "psychic's" vague and meaningless "predictions" as if they were sent from some magical place to help investigators.

I tried to pay attention to what the delusional cow was saying, but it was the standard bullshit: "...I see the color blue...the letter E...something about water..." and blah blah blah. Nothing that actually helped anyone. They kept cutting back to her today saying after the fact statements about how she "knew" the guy they caught was the killer, and she "knew" that Penny was a woman who would have screamed out. She talked about "psychometry", the practice of getting psyhic vibes from objects, places, or people - also the standard babble about "energy interacting" without a whit of a comment about what, precisely, she was talking about.

To cut an hour-long story short, the actual killer was caught in June, 1999. That's almost 26 years after Penny's murder. It goes without saying that the "psychic" played no part in the man's apprehension. The detective who initially brought the dumbass in had retired and Penny's father, who had campaigned tirelessly to keep her case open, had died.

When they caught Edward Grant, they did so on fingerprints, DNA matching, and paint chips that the police matched to Grant's autobody shop. You know...actual police work. There was, of course, the obligatory gloating of the douchebag "psychic" about her being correct in saying there was "blue" (although I can't remember how she brought it up and it doesn't matter anyway), that the letter "E" was involved (because the dude's name was if his name was Michael, would she still have taken the hit because "e" is in the name?), and the "water" thing was still a hit because Grant lived in "Waterton". No shit?

Well, give a retard a crayon because you can colour me unimpressed. It's great that this dipshit can retrofit some of her "predictions" about the case into what was found to have actually happened, but she was as useless as a seat-belt on Sean Preston Spears' high chair. Allow me to give the definition of "prediction" from Miriam-Webster's Dictionary: Main Entry: pre┬Ědict
Pronunciation: pri-'dikt
Function: verb
Etymology: Latin praedictus, past participle of praedicere, from prae- pre- + dicere to say -- more at DICTION
transitive senses : to declare or indicate in advance; especially : foretell on the basis of observation, experience, or scientific reason

You might have noticed something funny in there; specifically the phrase, "foretell on the basis of observation, experience, or scientific reason." At no point in this wounded duck of a program, did the douchy "psychic" show anything that resembled "scientific reason". The only person who does show reason is Penny Serra's sister Rosemary in her 2003 testimony. If you would like to be moved and read from someone who realises that hard work and perseverance is what gets the job done, please take a minute or two to check this out. It is well worth your time to hear a grateful woman thank the people who should be thanked (like the Connecticut State Police Forensic Scientist, Christopher Grice) and who, funnily enough, didn't get even a word of mention in the W Network's show.

It is a disgrace that a manipulative, delusional pig like the "psychic" on this show was allowed to lead a father astray and give him false hope, taking him away from the people who were working endlessly to find his daughter's killer. She now gets the spotlight on a television show while the scientists who did the work, put in the hours, and brought the murderer to justice are ignored. Shame on them. They are dead to me.

Oh, and if you believe in "psychics", stop it.

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