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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fuck Off....We're the People's Front of Judea

What has to happen for a group of people to help another? I would like to think that if I and my best friend were walking down a street and saw two men beating and raping a mother and her 8 year old daughter, that we'd do our best to stop them. Yes, there is a chance we would get hurt or even killed, but at that point, not helping would have made going on living with the guilt impossible.

Now what would our state of minds be if we, almost 12 years ago, watched something horrible happen that we could have stopped. We let those two guys beat and rape the mother and daughter and we just watched and ate our sandwiches and said, "man, that's horrible, eh?" Afterwards, we felt bad for our inaction and vowed to "never again" let something like that go on in front of our eyes without taking action.

Well, check it out; here we are and it's happening again and we're sitting back and eating those sandwiches and talking on smaller, sexier cellphones about how horrible it is that another mother and daughter are being beaten and raped. What will it take for us to step into the problem and stop it from getting any worse than it already has?

The "two guys" from the above, the government-backed Arab Janjaweed armies, have beaten, raped, and made homeless more than two million people, and killed nearing 200,000 people in Sudan. What are we doing? We're holding "take-note" meetings. How sad is it when your government is more like the People's Front of Judea than an effective humanitarian force? How bad does it have to get before people stop having meetings and actually do something? Obviously more than 800,000 people have to die in three months, if Rwanda was any indication.

Realizing that there is nothing of value to our government in Sudan is to recognize the lack of motivation that was so mind-numbingly apparent during the Rwandan genocide and the pathetic lack of aid from any country with the resources to prevent the slaughter. Politicians need to see the Return On Investment (ROI) of action. The "what will we get out of it" angle. Sadly, when a bunch of black folk are getting killed in a desert, there is not too much they can offer in return, so they are left to their fate safe in the knowledge that sometime much later, a 20 million-dollar movie will be made and a charity song will be sung so people will send money to buy more bags of rice to give them.

I have become a cynic with respect to the motivations of governments and expect nothing but more dead bodies on the evening news, "celebrities" giving heart-felt accounts of tragedies witnessed, and an apology a decade later (maybe) from the then-leaders to the survivors. It is not enough and the people in "power" should be ashamed of themselves.

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