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Friday, October 02, 2009

Michael Shermer in T.O.

I just got back from Michael Shermer's lecture on Why People Believe Weird Things, obviously based on his book of the same name. It was a good time with a very nearly sold out auditorium. He is a practiced speaker with entertaining slides and video aids and the audience was kept attentive throughout. Even the Q&A at the end was good, although I wanted to ask about whether or not there was any progress on The Skeptologist pilot. Ah well. A fun way to spend a Friday evening.

2 Barbaric Yawps:

At 2/10/09 10:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just got back from the CFI reception after the talk, and was actually talking with Dr. Shermer for a while (in a very small group). I never thought to ask him that.

Again, ARGH!

At 2/10/09 11:07 pm, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Ah, what can ya do? Pobody's nerfect, as the saying goes.


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