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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

With or Without Needles? Really?

Here's a picture from a "clinic" near my house. I've been laughing at this sign for a couple months now and kept meaning to bring the camera along to get a pic. Here it is.
Fake-Ass Acupuncture, With or Without Needles
Doesn't this mean that acupuncture doesn't work at all? Admitting you're doing nothing? Stating what we already know? ...I could go on and on.

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At 27/10/09 10:28 am, Blogger TNskeptic said...

So acupuncture without the puncture part is just acu. So just how does that help a patient or how does it help less? How is acu administered? Without being able to see the needles sticking out of you how do you know it's even been used. Oh no could this be a scam! (Last sentence type with high content of sarcasm.)


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