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Monday, November 09, 2009

Another Skeptical RMT

The other day while I was listening to a podcast I enjoy, Skeptically Speaking, I heard a conversation with Paul Ingraham, another skeptical registered massage therapist (RMT). Paul lives in British Columbia and because of his website and opinions on "alternative" medicine, he's being annoyed and potentially sued as well as having the British Columbia College of Massage Therapists try to censor him.

I've said in the past that the field of massage therapy is rife with pseudoscience and just about every kind of "alternative" medicine. It's people like Paul (and myself) who are trying to squash the stuff that doesn't work (or hasn't been proven) and get people the best health care available. If there are others out there, it would be great to band together (Facebook group, local meet-ups, whatever) and do what we can to make massage therapy as legitimate as possible.

Go check out Paul's site and be happy. Oh, and listen to Skeptically Speaking - I hear the host has a stick figure tattoo.

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