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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CNN and Media Fail Skepticism 101...Again

Jesus christ. I need you all to go here and watch the little video. Then come back and read.

Did you see how fast his "facilitator" was moving his finger around that touchpad? I call bullshit. That's the old facilitated communication ruse that was old and busted before the phrase "old and busted" came to be in casual parlance.

On the side of the family, I feel badly. They obviously want to believe that their relative is still there, is not in a vegetative state, might just be there to talk to again. It's very easy to sympathize with them because no one wants to let go, especially when there is something that seems to show progress and a way to get Mr. Houben back.

On the side of the media, they have, once again, produced something that only deserves the moniker of EPIC FAIL on par with "google fail".


Submitted by B. Wildt and Alexander M

I mean, don't you, as a reporter, think to yourself as you are "interviewing" Mr. Houben, "Hm, I wonder how he's typing so quickly when he's not used his arm/hand in over 20 years? And wow, it really looks like that woman is just moving his finger around the typepad."

Obviously not. It's reporting like this that makes me think I could pull off an amazing prank. I mean, it's not like anyone asks hard questions (unless you're on a "comedy newscast"). Why aren't more actual news programs like this:

I mean, for fuck's sake, why do I have to watch Comedy Central to see assholes get called out? The CNN reporters and the "facilitator" in the video need to be facially slapped, and firmly, to help this family deal with their situation in the most helpful manner for everyone, especially Mr. Houben, so they and he are not exploited. The last thing I need is for him to become a fucking Jeff Probst reality show or have Mr. Houben be the guest banker on Deal or No Deal.

Have the "facilitator" leave the room, show Mr. Houben a random object, then bring the "facilitator" back in and have Mr. Houben "guide her hand" and type what he saw that she didn't. If that happens, properly blinded and 10 times out of 10, then I'll believe he's really in there, conscious and "locked in". Until then, these unthinking parasites need to fuck off.

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At 24/11/09 4:06 pm, Blogger Bruce said...

Jesus Christ, that is just ridiculous. How could a credible reporter even think the guy is really typing those sentences. CNN should be ashamed of itself.

Now, this guy may not be in a vegetative state. I think I read that there is other, legitimate scientific evidence that indicates his brain may be functional. If so, then try to find a way to allow this guy to communicate on his own. But this facilitated communication is a bunch of crap and the reporter should be ashamed of himself for even thinking that he was having a conversation with the guy.

Of course, it would be real easy to design a simple test to reveal this hoax, but then that wouldn't make for good TV, now would it.


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