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Friday, January 15, 2010

I Get Comments from MRS. Anonymous

This is what I have to deal with.

It's a comment from this post which, admittedly, I didn't handle well. Being in a bad mood and then getting an arrogant, condescending, apologist being a tremendous douche just put me over the edge. Once I got this comment, however, I thought I'd just post it here (in italic bold) and give my comments (in regular text) for some good times.

I'm going to just pass this off as feeling sorry for you that you are obviously a very unhappy person.

Yeah, I'm terribly unhappy. All the time. You've figured me out. Fabulous parting gifts.

You don't answer any comment articulately, or with facts, you infuse your comments with reams of 'fucks', 'shutup' and name calling, and again simply your opinion without having a leg to back it up. Yeah, that's entirely correct. If you've read this blog at all, you'll notice I'm pretty liberal with the "salty" language. I usually only dig for my facts if the commenter makes a point, which you didn't.

"Boy did you take a step down on the employment ladder."... well seeing as how you share the same profession, I guess you just pissed on yourself!! AHAH!! What does that say about yourself?? Yeah, I make fun of myself all the time. Self-deprecation can be funny to people, although obviously not you. Being an RMT is a decent job, but let's not think ourselves too important, shall we?

And that this is probably the only form of higher learning you've received?? Have made anything else of yourself?? I personally have had a good experience in my career as a Massage Therapist. I have professional hockey players, (I'm pretty sure you've heard of most of them!) cirque du soleil, olympic athletes, politicians, high profile media personalities, etc., etc. as clients...... I believe if you enjoy what you do, nothing is a step down....furthermore I make $250 - $400 a day, and I'm booked 2 weeks ahead, travelling to my clients 5 days a week, providing private home service to exclusive clients, I don't think I could ever make that as an engineer. Furthermore it is very difficult to find a job as an engineer. Well la-di-da. I'm happy that you're making a decent living and that you seem proud - overtly so, actually - but if you're recommending "treatments" like acupuncture or "energy" therapies based on your understanding of whatever, then in the long run, you're hurting your clients. I'll back that up later, not that you'll give a shit.

I do know how the traditional medicine world works, and I never said it was "evil"..... I think your problem is you read into things too much, looking for opinions to jump, since that's the level you're on, instead of focusing on the facts. Yes, these "facts" you refer to.... You've stated that you think acupuncture (for example) is validated as a supposedly scientific modality. Please, even though we have to look at the literature as a whole (which shows quite clearly that acupuncture is a placebo) to form a scientific opinion, please show me the one most airtight, slam dunk piece of evidence you have that proves to you that acupuncture is real. I'd love to see it.

You still haven't showed that YOU actually know anything about medicine, OR science. Once again...opinions and not facts....don't have anything smart to say?? Nope guess not. I'm a massage therapist, not an M.D. I know enough about medicine to know when I have to refer out to a specialist. I know enough about science to understand its methods and that if you objectively look at all the evidence for something like acupuncture and *then* conclude that it's real, you're the one with the comprehension problem.

Oh and PS: MASSAGE THERAPY, the career you are supposedly in....IS alternative medicine.... though you imply that this form of care is not "good". Why are you a therapist? Do you actually have clients... I'm going to go out on a limb here... you haven't had a good experience,(you are male afterall, usually people don't want to be treated by men) you don't have that many clients, you're pissed that you can't pay off your debt and want to vent your steam on anything you decide you can have an opinion on. Dammit, you got me. I'm just a bitter, no-client-having, shitty experience, debt-addled, gender-biased, total hater.

In case anyone was curious, massage therapy is not "alternative medicine". It's a treatment modality, that's all. It's helpful for a short list of fairly benign ailments and anything beyond that, you could potentially call it a "complementary modality" - think of things like physiotherapy for whiplash, for example. It's not medicine at all. If MRS. Anonymous up there had her head on straight, she'd know that...but then again, I'm just a lowly, uneducated, bitter, tool.

"You say this as though altruism runs thick through so-called "" when it's a multi-billion-dollar a year industry " First I'll give you credit for using your first big word in your entire rant, (nice use of condescension there) second, Yes, since it is a mutli-billion dollar industry, it proves the efficacy, (, it doesn't. What people spend their money on isn't any indicator of its efficacy, otherwise randomized controlled trials wouldn't be necessary. See what I mean about not knowing about science?) otherwise why would people choose the costly "alternative" as opposed to the free traditional means... Because people like you convince them that it's effective. If people just went by what the...what's that word? Oh, right, "evidence" showed, no one would use "" stuff. As Tim Minchin said, "Do you know what they call alternative medicine that's been tested and shown to be effective? 'Medicine'."

Furthermore, how does being an alternative therapist equal the understanding to remain piss poor?? No one said starving artist and therapy goes hand in hand, if someone is a professional they deserve to be paid what they are worth. Agreed. And obviously why would anyone pay tuition and waste time to be altruistic??? Sorry, what? So with payment of tuition and time spent learning, altruism goes out the window in favor of money earned? I'd rather be a bit on the starving side and know that what I'm telling my clients was the best that our current methods had to offer, rather than throw my integrity out the window and recommend something that was ineffective and potentially harmful. Oh, wait, you were going to digitally yell something?

DO YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A POINT HERE?? Because I really can't tell if you do...Let me save your don't have ANY points anywhere, (In fact, I'm quite pointy) other than the one we first agreed on....Mr. Raynor. Hopefully I have given some insight to anyone on here that is reading this. You won't win an argument with me buddy... I'm too well read, too educated... you obviously don't know how to debate. Yes, I see how "well read" and "educated" you are, what with the multiple exclamation points and no real substance.

See I back up what I say with facts, you back up yours with "troll"..... WOW!! Good argument!! OMG, you really hurt my feelings....wa wa wa... Yep, like I said, you need to read more.....I have a suggestion to start with that might be right up your alley / level ....ever heard of "Jack and Jill"?? "Jack and Jill"..."Jack and Jill"...hmmm...nope. Not ringing a bell. Oh, wait, did they do that study that showed sham acupuncture was more effective than actual acupuncture? No? Oh, that must have been someone else.

Oh, and PS: It's MRS. Quantum Physics, I'm sure that'll burn your ass even more!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!! This is hilarious!! My ass is so burnt now it's amazing. I'll probably go rub some homeopathic tincture on it later. Hilarious? Oh yeah, agreed.

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At 16/1/10 3:22 pm, Blogger King Aardvark said...

Well, Mrs. Anonymous is correct about one thing - I certainly don't make $400 as an engineer.

That said, I'd rather make less money doing something useful for society than take more money from some injured people for performing placebo work on them.

And Mrs. Anon, Mike tends to reference quite well when he has a reason to, and if he doesn't have time, he links to people who do. Like that last link here (the sham acupuncture one) written by a surgeon/scientist.

At 20/1/10 2:21 pm, Blogger Yojimbo said...

Mrs. A says "See I back up what I say with facts..." So, when do we get one? I'd threaten to hold my breath until I saw one, but I don't look good in blue.


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