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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Purpose Driven Thingy - Day 6
"Life is a temporary assignment."

Warren says that we need to, "always compare two 'truths': 1. Compared to eternity, life is extremely brief, and 2. Earth is only a temporary residence. You won't be here long so don't get too attached." Doesn't this sound like more of the Heaven's Gate shit? It's only missing the purple shrouds and the cool sneakers.

Rick Says:
I believe Christians should carry 'spiritual green cards' to remind us that our citizenship is in Heaven.
Wow. Don't get me wrong though, I think crazy Christians of Warren's ilk should carry some sort of identifying card so the rest of us will be made aware of the full-nuts loonytoon mentality we're potentially dealing with beneath their neatly pressed white cotton shirts. It's just weird to hear Warren say so too, albeit for different and crazier reasons.

Apparently, in WarrenLand, all unbelievers think about is their though that were a bad thing. Then Rick says:
When we flirt with the temptation of this world, God calls it "spiritual adultery". The bible says, "You're cheating on God if all you want is your own way, flirting with the world every chance you get, you'll end up enemies of God in his way".
That's right, adultery. He said it. You're all a bunch of cheating bitches if you just do good things and care about your life and the quality of those around you. What the hell, man?! Did you bat your eyes just then?
We're not completely happy here because we're not supposed to be, it's not our final home. We were created for something much better.
...The spaceship behind the Hale-Bopp comet! It's sooo much better, you guys! There's mini-billiards and fruit slushies and every Friday is Hawaiian shirt day, so, you know, if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.
In God's eyes, the greatest heros are not those who achieve prosperity, success and power in this life, but those who treat this life as a temporary assignment and save faithfully expecting the promised rewards in eternity.
First of all, God has eyes? Weird. I wonder what color they are? Also, this message is basically just, "treat this world like the practice green and chip away, but save the driver and your 'A' game for eternity." Excellent message.

Eternal life makes it all meaningless. If you have an infinite amount of time to make amends for the shitty things you do, then nothing has any ultimate meaning. Religious people like Warren love to throw around the accusation that an atheistic life has no meaning and we're just out for ourselves and we have no morality, but it's quite the opposite when you examine exactly what he's spouting. If you're treating this life like the walk-thru before the big day, then if you screw up and hurt someone or whatever, then you've got the whole main game to step up and make it right. It's insane that we non-religious people have let this bullcrap argument slip by for so long and not called people on it.
You will not be in Heaven two seconds before crying out, "Why did I place so much importance on things that were so temporary? What was I thinking? Why did I waste so much time, energy and concern on what wasn't going to last"?
Untestable and ridiculous assertions about a made-up place and what I'll do there. Oh, sorry, what believers will do there. I'll be burning in Hell.
At death, you won't leave home, you'll go home. the spaceship behind the comet.

Warren's fear of death and dying is palpable, it's such denial that it's embarrassing to listen to, actually. This made-up fairy tale land that's full of happiness and childish dreams makes you think so much less of this one life you're given.

Point to ponder: "This world is not my home." (So, you know, screw the ozone and the climate)
Verse to remember: "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." 2 Cor. 4:18 NIV
Question: "How should the fact that life on Earth is just a temporary assignment change the way I am living right now?" Well, if I was smart, I'd stop wasting my time with this retarded drivel and do something productive. This is like martyring myself for the skeptical cause....

Day Seven tomorrow!

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At 25/2/10 12:37 pm, Blogger twosixths said...

Although I'm Christian, I don't take any personal offense to this article on religious grounds. Our country is great because people are free to believe what they believe. I think I might be offended as a scholar though.

I'm not saying I always agree with Rick Warren, but it is always interesting to read an article about any subject that is 1) written by an 'outsider' who has no idea how to understand the internal nuances of that which they're judging and 2) rips lines and phrases from their context to exaggerate their personal point.

Rick Warren wasn't talking to Atheist Mike. He was talking to his congregation. And Atheist Mike's inability to understand Rick's message is evidence that SUPPORTS Rick's words and invalidates Atheist Mike's point.

Yes, Atheist Mike. Christians are Aliens. They're not from this world. That is why you don't understand the 6 tiny segments that you ripped from Rick's overall message. You're an Earthling. It wasn't for you. You have to have Alien ears to understand. So please, tell the rest of the Earthlings how crazy the Aliens are and how they don't belong on Earth...

-Wait. Isn't that what Rick Warren was saying? Aliens don't belong on Earth because Earth doesn't understand them? Hmm... Its almost like you agree...

At 25/2/10 1:23 pm, Anonymous CybrgnX said...

1st let me thank you for your martyrdom.
I've been following your progress and I think walking on glass would be preferred. The amount of unprovable made up schite would be amazing if I had not heard this from the other holey book thumpers. He has not said anything to date that is worth while.
Save yourself from possible blindness and insanity!!! get some great sex and forget this book!! Your comments are the only interesting thing readable.

At 25/2/10 7:07 pm, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Thanks for writing and for not doing so anonymously. I really do appreciate it.

To address your points, I'm trying very hard to not take things out of context. I'm listening to Warren himself read the book and am writing down the quotes I use as I go through the chapter. If I used something out of context, please give an example(s).

I think I understand his point (as "atheist mike"), I'm pointing out how weird it sounds to someone not in the religion (or cult, if you care to see the similarities).

I don't agree with Warren because I don't think there are "aliens". I think there are severely deluded individuals who group-induce more advanced versions of their craziness.

Thanks again.


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