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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Songs from the Science Frontier!

Hey you freaks. Howzabout you go to this site and throw a couple of ducats at a worthy cause? Monty Harper is doing a music project to educate kids about science and it's awesome. Go check his site and listen to the song from youtube (linked at the bottom...or just watch below!) and then donate if you can. If you can't give money, then just pass along the word to anyone you know and let's see if we can help him get to his goal. The deadline is approaching - he has about $3700 and needs $9000 by August 21st.

Let's get this thing done and done, shall we?

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At 24/7/10 7:15 pm, Anonymous L.Long said...

Very cool!!
He just sings it as it is.

Yes most OKers would say it is g0d's miracle & ignore all the hard work of scientist.

But he ignores it all and just sings a lovely kid understandable song of what is happening.


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