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Monday, April 09, 2012

Religious People Being All "Religious"

A small public school district in Ontario has decided to ban the distribution of Gideon bibles. Apparently, the bibles have been made available to grade 5 students for decades now (flying under the radar, I assume) in quite a few school boards, most of which have already banned the practice.

What do you think happened when the ban was proposed? Hmm...Perhaps the religioius people:
unleashed a torrent of threatening calls and hateful emails directed at trustees...Some racist sentiment and question trustees’ patriotism
Well keep the balloons in your pocket when you call 911 because I'm going to die of not-surprise.

It seems that this is what usually happens when a group has a special privilege that gets taken away to make everything more fair. The group (in this case, Christian religious people) feels like it is giving up ground it has won, which it is. But they don't see that by giving up said ground, everyone is now equal. I'm sure that sentiment would snap into focus pretty quickly if the Nation of Islam was to hand out free copies of the Koran to all the grade 5 students, or if a secular group handed out copies of The Demon Haunted World (not that they're equal).

To be fair, the people who have been acting crazy (at least one who made a death threat) are in the minority, as per usual. Hopefully the crazies won't sway public opinion and they'll fade into the woodwork where they belong soon enough.

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At 9/4/12 4:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the loons blamed the problem on immigrants. Seems to me that before there we immigrants in Canada there were no Christians. So I guess that's right.



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